About Us

CNI is a marketing and sales corporation that has been doing business since 1974 as a distributor supplying independently owned agricultural retailers and cooperatives in 42 states. With 24 distribution centers providing timely service, the focus is to be the preferred supplier of agricultural inputs (crop protection, seed and seed treatments, adjuvants and micronutrients) to our retailers which represent over 500 locations. Our operations stretch from the East Coast of the US to the West Coast, linking many of these agricultural markets. CNI offers great value to our customers with a consistent, reliable and strong business model. Our value also extends to suppliers with influence, direction, molecule management and access to the major US agricultural markets.

Sales Map

Mark Bishop
Chief Operation Officer
O: (919) 943-3195
Cade Holliday
Florida Account Manager
O: (352) 275-6078
Chad Jacobs
Southeast Sales Representative
O: (229) 456-7270
Abbey Lopp
Account Manager
Eastern Cornbelt
O: (574) 312-9715
Anthony Miller
Account Manager
O: (319) 300-5856
Nathan Oberg
Sales Manager
Midwestern/ Western Regional
O: (208) 432-2013


Whether your business is a retailer or manufacturer/ supplier, working with a strong National Distributor like CNI makes your business even better.

Our vision and focus is all about supporting Independent Retailers and those products and companies vital to their increasing business and strength, incorporating innovation and science to solve growers problems.


CNI works to ensure Independent Retailers are successful in solving LOCAL grower needs across the United States.

With support, communication, first in class customer service, accounting functions and CNI’s national supply contracts, Independents are creating markets locally and supporting the best suppliers in Crop Protection, Seed and Seed treatments, Micronutrients, and Adjuvants.


Independent Retailers and their suppliers across the US are profiting and growing thanks to their relationship with CNI. As we expand our coverage (42 states), our abilities to influence American Agriculture grow. Gaining Ground is continuous and necessary.

“The past influences the present but does not determine the future.”