CNI Ag Independent Retailers are market-makers for seed and trait technologies. We position our retailers to capitalize as new seed technologies are introduced through both market access, and transfer of product knowledge. Our Suppliers look to CNI’s Distribution and Retail support capabilities as a preferred pathway to move their products in the marketplace. We specialize in high value row crop and specialty row crop seed products, with lines available for your cotton, soy, field corn and alfalfa needs.

CNI is committed to ensuring that Independent Ag Retailers have competitive access to elite traits and germplasm, while providing world class logistics support.



The value of high-quality seed to your season’s success cannot be understated. CNI works with National and Regional providers to find what works best for your geography.

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Harsh conditions can impact native populations of microbes, and Inoculants are a great way to supplement and build existing populations. Whether Seed Applied, Planter Box, or in-furrow; CNI has your Inoculant needs covered for all major cash crops.



Fortified Seed

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Seed Treatment

Starting strong with defense against Early Season Diseases and Insects is good insurance to protect yield potential. Fungicide, Insecticide, and Nutritional seed treatments can help lay this foundation. Branded and Custom solutions are available from CNI.