Crop Protection

Your grower customers need a full range of crop protection products in order to produce a profitable crop year after year. CNI provides you a full range of crop protection materials to offer your growers. We stock and sell over 4,000 SKU’s crop protection items, sourcing from more than 120 suppliers including all the major Basics. CNI supplies retailers the inputs needed on all crops, big or small and all markets.

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Specialty & Biologicals

CNI customers service over 200 crops, requiring a wide range of specialized, small volume ag chemicals. In many of these crops, growers are using sustainable or organic production practices. These growers need access to the new biological pesticides that are coming to the market to solve their unique production problems. CNI carries a full range of specialty and biological products from suppliers including AgBiome, Belchim, Certis, Marrone Bio and New Leaf Symbiotics.



As growers encounter newly resistant pests our industry relies on the Basic manufacturers to bring needed solutions to the market. CNI works closely with the Basics to ensure that independent retailers have access to the latest technology at competitive prices.


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Off-Patent Products

The last two decades have seen an explosion in suppliers in the off-patent or generic space. Most of these products still have a key fit in many markets due to price, labeling or the ability to control a particular pest. CNI provides products from over two dozen suppliers in this part of the business.


Turf & Ornamental, Aquatics

Even in a rural area where most independent retailers are located there are significant markets for T&O and Aquatic labeled products. Homeowners, municipalities, golf courses, nurseries, and landscapers all need a reliable source for the specialized products in this area. CNI represents several key suppliers of products for this type of market.

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Account Managers And Customer Service

It all starts with people. CNI’s ten Account Managers and ten Customer Service Representatives are focused on serving independent retailers and keeping them competitive in their markets. They work to keep customers informed and up to date on developments in the ag chemical business and make sure product is available as required to meet their grower’s needs.

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Range & Pasture

There is a close tie between pasture fertilization and the sale of Range & Pasture herbicides. Independent retailers are a key part of this market with these herbicides often a part of a tank mix with the fertilizer being custom applied. CNI carries a full range of R&P products led by brands sold by Corteva and Bayer.



Agribusiness is rapidly adopting digital technology to make agriculture as efficient as possible. CNI is utilizing the latest digital technology to help independent retailers keep up with the developments in this area and meet the demand of a changing marketplace.

Our customer website makes all our pricing and invoicing instantly available and provides links to labels and supplier programs. Customers also have the option of placing their orders with CNI Customer Service with an online tool.