“If you feed them, they will grow”

Farm profitability starts and ends with providing the crop with nutrients that are essential for optimum crop growth and development. CNI offers quality, cost-effective nutritionals in the form of granular micronutrients, foliar fed macro and micro nutrients, fertilizer enhancers, and specialty products that support season-long growing success.


Starter Fertilizers & Micronutrients Designed for Starter Fertilizers

Early season planting conditions are not always ideal. Cold soils can limit plants ability to utilize present soil nutrients. In addition, young juvenile roots are typically unable to access nutrients that are most in demand during early growth. Starter fertilizers provide plants with essential nutrients at the correct time and place to establish a more robust crop.

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Granular & Powder Micro-Nutrients

Soil applied macro and micro nutrients provide the foundation for ensuring the sustainability of high yielding cropping environments.

We are dedicated to sourcing quality micronutrients that provide the most benefit for any crop production system.

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Nitrogen Stabilizers

Today’s farmers are masters of efficiency when it comes to all aspects of producing a crop, including implementation of nutrient efficiency technology.

Nitrogen stabilizers help ensure various forms of nitrogen are introduced to the rooting zone with minimal losses as well as increasing availability within the rooting zone over a longer period of time.

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Foliar Feeding Products

Foliar applied Macro and Micro nutrients are a valuable tool that can help protect and enhance yield in numerous crop situations. Our foliar line of nutrients is designed and formulated for quick nutrient deficiency correction in your crop as well as ease-of-use.

Plant Nutrient & Deficiency Information

Plant food that is applied will always pay when plants are deficient. Key concept to remember when evaluating when and what type of plant food is needed as a correction or prevention fertilizer on plant deficiencies.


Humic Acids and Biological Products

Soil is an ecosystem that can be managed to provide nutrients for plant growth. We offer numerous soil health products containing various soil building characteristics that can help improve this ecosystem for the benefit of crop production.

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Crop Nutrition Plans

Click for Supplemental Nutrition Plans on Corn, Cotton, Soybeans & Peanuts

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