CNIRGY Agronomics

CNIRGY Agronomics (pronounced synergy) is the platform for development and technical services by CNI. The definition of the word synergy is “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.” That is the foundation behind CNIRGY Agronomics. As CNI has grown and expanded our national footprint, there has been greater demand for specialized services from our owner members. CNI started out as a way to source crop protection products for independent dealers. Over the years that has expanded to other aspects of the retail market that would include seed, seed treatment, adjuvants, specialty fertilizers, marketing, agri-minerals, market information and much more. CNIRGY Agronomics reflects the combined efforts of all CNI’s various divisions.

CNIRGY Agronomics conducts trials with products from supplier partners and CNI proprietary products. This trial work is being conducted with university researchers, CNI members, and with on farm plots. We are also utilizing previous research and sharing this information with the CNI membership in hopes that it will benefit you and your customers. Your grower customers depend upon you for sound advice and CNI in turn is assisting you by providing up to date information relative to your business. We distribute newsletters focusing on CNIRGY Agronomics initiatives that are intended to help support your retail efforts. As CNIRGY Agronomics progresses, we look forward to working with our partners to help you improve your relationships with your growers across the country.